Welcome to the crisis

COVID-19 pandemic is the first worldwide crisis since 2008 and it’s far away from over. At this time millions of people and many businesses face new challenges, which was even impossible to imagine a few months ago. ALTAVIA with the help of our digital agency Kamikaze has prepared a report to help our clients to [...]

Limitations and opportunities for brand loyalty under lockdown

At a time when the first steps towards lockdown release are taking shape, we would like to shed light on the apparent changes in customer loyalty tactics in the COVID era. Notably for the major players in the retail sector. The initiatives are countless: let's focus on a few that are proof of differentiation revealing [...]

Ultra-transparency in the retail sector

    There’s a new mantra that seems to be sweeping the retail market, introduced by visionary brands in a desire to make a clean break from convention: ‘ultra-transparency’. A bold approach designed to appeal to customers in their search for authenticity. We took a closer look at this inspirational trend with Thierry Strickler, Retail […]

Sales communication: new technologies serving print production

    Interview with Francesco Lascala, Managing Director of Publishing, Altavia Italia.     What innovations in printing have brought about the greatest changes with regard to your work in recent years? The most interesting changes that we have seen in recent years relate to major technological innovations where large print runs are concerned. I’m talking […]